BBRV Wire Upsetting Machine




The hydraulic wire upsetting machine has been designed taking the improved BBRV buttonheading technique into account. An Optimum sequence of the deformation process and the high accuracy of dimensions result in a increased quality of the BBRV button heads. The bearing zone of the button head is carefully shaped and the excentricity and formation of fissures is reduced. The upsetting device slides longitudinally on the machine and can therefore be moved against the ends of the unevenly protruding wires. Due to the slope of the sliding track, the upsetting device exerts by its gravity a force on the wire and the upsetting hammer is pushed snugly against the wires end. Therefore the upsetting of too small button heads is precluded.

The upsetting device is slotted on top for ease of placing the wire between the clamping jaws. The position of the wire can be observed readily, however, should it be inserted incorrectly between the jaws, damage is precluded by a safety control, which prevents the machine from operating.


The hydraulic wire upsetting machine type DSH 8 is used for upsetting BBRV button heads on prestressing wires with a diameter of up to 8 mm (0.315″). A high capacity of upsetting, ease of use and quick adaptation to different working conditions are combined in this machine.

Operating cycle

The automatic upsetting cycle is controlled by an electric push button located on the handle used for sliding the upsetting device back and forth. The built-in manometer indicates the clamping and upsetting pressure, which can be easily and accurately adjusted. A counter records the number of button heads made, which facilitates supervision of maintenance. For applications on the construction site the upsetting device can be removed from the machine and suspended in a convenient position. A remote control for operating the machine is located on the upsetting device. The sturdy construction of the machine and the use of proved hydraulic and electric elements guarantees a trouble free operation and a minimum of maintenance.


Standard equipment

Mobile control and drive unit with high and low pressure pumps, oil tank with oil filter and oil gauge. Water-protected, built-in electrical control unit. Compact hydraulic control units under protective cover. Upsetting device with suspension-plate and remote control switch mounted on the movable frame with control handle. Orte pair of ciamping jaws with upsetting hammer and insert. Hydraulic hoses and control cable, 3 metres.


  • Clamping jaws and upsetting hammer inserts. Normally on stock for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 mm and ¼“ diameters,
  • Set of spare parts
  • Set of servicing tools

To be specified when ordering

  • Wire diameter for which the upsetting device should be equipped.
  • Desired accessories
  • Data on power supply to which the machine will be connected. (phase, voltage. frequency)
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