VOGT Wire Splicing Machines

For splicing high-tensile wires and strands. The VOGTsplice is practically as strong as the wire itself even under dynamic load. Especially appropriate for re-use ofwire ends.




For the reuse of residues from prestressing wires

During production of prestressing beds, a certain amount of residue is left over from every drum of prestressing wire or strand. In the most adverse case, the leftover length of wire is only slightly shorter than the prestressing bed in use.

In order to reuse these leftovers, a clever and reliable solution was found by joining the wire ends and bandaging them with a specially strengthened binding wire of 1 mm by means of the Wire Splicing Machine.

The special method of joining the butt on round wires makes an accurate transmission of the static and dynamic fracture bad of the material itself possible.

The standard type DB6 was developed for rounding wires of 2 – 8 mm.

A slightly modified version DB6L is available for twowire and threewire strands up to a diameter of 3 x 3 mm.

Please request our detailed brochure on these wire splicing machine together with a price quotation.

Fields of application

  • In prestressing works formanufacturing girders, plates, columns, poles, pipes, flooring structural elements, etc.
  • For use in machines for wrapping pipes and tanks.

Standard models

  • Type Dß6forroundwiresof2 to8mm dia. and oval wires up to 5.5x11.5mm (standard equipment: round wires of 3.6 to 6 m dia.).
  • Type OB 6L for two-wire er three-wire strands up to 3 x 3 mm. The machines are supplied with a coll of splicing wire placed in position, a sample wire splice and a set of tools.


  • Feed rollers and wire holders as per table en the reverse Page.
  • Splicing wire in colls of 0.6kg each (minim um supply: 50 kg). The splicing wire is made of high-grade cold-drawn steel wire of imm dia. with a guaranteed tensile strength of 180 to 208 kg/mm2.
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